New London Museum

Preserving the history of New London, Virginia


New London’s story is filled with famous names like Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Daniel Boone. It encompasses the great events of American History, especially the Revolutionary War, when New London hosted a Continental Army arsenal and was the site of a large Tory conspiracy. It is also the story of decline and rebirth, as the town suffered economic misfortune in the 19th century but found new life as a glamorous summer resort. Perhaps most importantly, the story of New London is about the many families who have made the town and its vicinity their home during the course of the past 250 + years.





New London: The Forgotten History

This mid-twentieth century account of New London by local attorney Claude A. Thompson offers the most complete picture of the town compiled to date.  FNL has transcribed his well-referenced work and made it available as a Word document via the link below.

“No section of Virginia contributed more to the cause of freedom than the Piedmont region of Virginia, particularly that section comprising Bedford and Campbell counties. Action of its people for liberty centered in and around New London the seat of the first courthouse for Bedford County. Historians have failed miserably, however, to record the part so loyally taken by the people of Bedford and Campbell Counties to make this the great nation it is today.” – Claude A. Thompson

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